Find Out if Anything is Hidden During a Divorce

When two people are getting a divorce, they are required to turn in a financial affidavit that lists all of the money and other assets they own, jointly and separately. This document should include everything either or both of them own and they cannot avoid putting any assets on the document. Yet, people will often try to hide assets they don’t believe their spouse knows about to avoid it being split during the divorce.

Why Do People Hide Their Assets?

A person will often hide their assets to obtain a better deal in the divorce or just to ensure their spouse does not receive as much as they could. They might do it as a form of revenge or to ensure they don’t have to split everything when they complete the divorce.


How are Assets Hidden?

Most of the time, it’s as easy as having a bank account the other spouse doesn’t know about. They could have more than one secret bank account see John Cutter Investigations, money they did not ever tell their spouse about, or own property and other assets that their spouse doesn’t know about.

What Impact Could Hidden Assets Have in a Divorce?

In a divorce, the couple should split their assets equitably. However, this is impossible for them to do if one spouse is hiding some of the assets. Since the courts will not know the full amount of assets, they cannot equitably split the assets between the spouses. Depending on the situation, this could cause one person to lose out on a significant amount of money that could help them get back on their feet after the divorce.

How Can a Person Find Out if There are Hidden Assets?

A person who believes their spouse has hidden assets can hire an investigator to look into their spouse’s finances. The investigator will be able to find many different types of hidden assets if the other person is hiding anything. If they do find hidden assets, they can provide evidence of the hidden assets to the person who hired them so the person can bring them up during the divorce.

If you’re getting a divorce and you believe your spouse may have hidden assets, take the time to speak with a Private Investigator right away. They’ll be able to investigate to find out if there are any hidden assets and, if so, what they might be and how much they could be worth. This could make a big difference in the settlement you receive for the divorce, so it may be well worth the time and expense of working with an investigator. Visit to learn more or call to request a free consultation today.

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